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National Institute of Economic and Social Research

The NIERS uses both qualitative and quantitative research to achieve a substantial understanding of the ways in which economic and social issues affects the lives of residents in the UK. It also investigates ways in which government policies can improve the lives of all people. Employment is one of the central issues which the NIERS investigates. One of the reasons why employment is a focal point, is because the British economy has faced a severe downturn in recent years. Perhaps the most interesting study conducted by the NIERS took place in 2011. This workplace employment relations study examined the ways in which personal work environments affected how local economies fared during difficult economic times. Interestingly, ongoing research also centres around the educational opportunities for vulnerable children.

Vulnerable children, according to the NIERS, include children in social services, homeless children, refugees, those living in poverty, children forced to care for others, and children who are forced to live in deplorable conditions. It is a well-known fact that quality education paves the way for a strong economy within most regions of the UK. There are many children who possess brilliant minds, yet their potential remains untapped due to their living conditions. Studies conducted by NIERS allow researchers to target groups of children who just need a chance to thrive. They hold the key to future economic prosperity, and vulnerable children deserve to have every chance to succeed. Research provides insight into what it takes to bridge the gap between social and economic prosperity.