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Popular Speeches of the Past Year

People are drawn to speeches which invoke passion, reassurance, and a promise of change. Popular speeches often relate to issues of equal rights, and improvements in living conditions. Other speeches are designed to promote national pride in the face of adversity and hardship. An effective speech is delivered in a way which allows all people to understand the words, and to take them to heart. A great speech gets to the point, and allows the audience to absorb the meaningful words that are presented. People who deliver effective speeches are people who have a vested interest in promoting positive change. The effectiveness of a speech that touches on social issues and rights allows everyone to learn and grow together in unity.

One of the more popular speeches was delivered on Monday, December 9th, 2013. This speech was given by the UK High Commissioner, Sir James Bevan. It was delivered at a reception for UK business in New Delhi, and it served to provide new hope in global business successes. The speech was particularly effective, because it touched on UK culture, sports, and technological innovations. However, not all speeches are delivered by political royalty or government officials. Perhaps one of the more memorable speeches came from none other than the performer, Lady Gaga. She provided a riveting speech which touched on human rights and equality at the popular Europride event in Rome. Her words forced people to look past her flamboyant attire, and to listen to her moving words of support for gay rights.